O My Stars: "...this EP is lovely. Purely lovely. That might not make you compelled to listen, but seriously, how many lovely CDs do you own? Try this one out. Lovely.” - Kelly Smith


'O My Stars' by The Weightlifters is pop music for the more discerning ear, a beautifully created and superbly performed modern 'operetta' of great depth and feeling - really cool, really, really enjoyable and really, really, really worth a listen (or two!).”

Toxic Pete

O My Stars: "another corking mini album that has seven tantalisingly brilliant tracks which serve to wet your appetite for the full length debut that must follow shortly you would hope.”

The Beat Surrender

Had you put these two EPs together ['Last of the Sunday Drivers' and 'O My Stars'], you'd have a year-end top 10 contender.”

Absolute Powerpop

GivesĀ 'O My Stars' a 9 out of 10 and says... "Fans of both Big Star and Teenage Fanclub will enjoy these melodic masterworks by a powerful tune smith in the zone.”


O My Stars: "don't let The Weightlifters' name fool you...what Adam aims to lift is your soul”

Bill's Music Forum

'O My Stars' made Italian blog, Under the Tangerine Tree's "Top 10 EPs of 2008" list (#8).”

Under the Tangerine Tree

O My Stars: "This 7 song mini-CD is awash with high-brow Posies sensibilities, Pugwash-like competence and Elliot Smithy emotional resonance... not a bad track here, this one is hard to not lift both thumbs skyward and say "RIGHT ON, More, please!”

Not Lame Recordings

'O My Stars' made Kool Kat Musik's "The Best of 2008" list.”

— Kool Kat Musik

Last of the Sunday Drivers: "a small debut collection of exquisite indie pop songs that stand easily with the best that The Pernice Brothers or New Pornographers have offered to date.”